Saturday, July 11, 2015

Review: Southern Charm (Shapeshifter Romance) (Southern Pride, Book Three) by Serena Pettus

Southern Charm (Shapeshifter Romance) (Southern Pride, Book Three) by Serena Pettus

Liam has finally found his destined mate and he couldn’t be happier. The only problem? She seems to want nothing to do with him. 

Kitty has pushed him away so many times, and he’s allowed her the space she wants, but now Liam is starting to worry the attraction is one-sided. However, when a few strangers come into town, Kitty’s demeanor changes, and not for the better. She’s edgy, distracted and worst of all she’s scared. This has Liam’s lion jumping to attention with his need to protect her—something he’ll do, regardless of her feelings for him. 

Kitty’s past has finally caught up to her, and man, is the timing rotten. She’s finally found her mate, the one man who she can be happy with forever, yet this threat prevents her from going after that happiness and claiming Liam as her own. With danger looming and Liam’s life on the line, she does the only thing she can think of to keep him safe. Kitty goes off the grid. 

Out of his mind at the separation, Liam races to her once her location is disclosed. Now is the time she needs him most, but can Liam reach her before things reach a critical level? When the threats lurking nearby suddenly pounce, will Kitty and Liam survive the battle? Will their love? 

Warning: Contains alpha-male shifters who will have you longing for a shifter of your own.

Southern Charm, 3rd book of the Southern Pride series, is 
an AMAZING and interesting read. 
From the start up to the last, I was hooked on this book, 
finished it in less than a day! 
The story and the characters are amazing. 
The characters, Kitty and Liam are easy to like and love. 
Kitty, an interesting type of shifter that 
can definitely kick-ass and full of sass. 
Liam, a lion who is known to be a man-whore, but 
things changed when he met Kitty. 
But as Liam continues to pursue Kitty, 
it seems like Kitty doesn't want anything to do with him. 
But as the story goes, people from Kitty's past 
will barge in into her life that will cause a shift 
to the situation. 
I really love this book! 
The other characters from the previous books in the series, 
will also still be in this book.. =) 
Again, Ms. Serena nailed it again! 
Can't wait to see who will be the next story will be! 

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