Friday, June 26, 2015

Review: Fallen (The Fallen Saga, #1) by Emily Clarke

Julie Anderson never wanted to leave her life and friends behind in Connecticut, but when her father gets a new job in Texas she discovers her destiny. When she meets the devilishly fallen angel, Nick Landers, her life begins to unravel. Nick is different from the other boys and seems to have a crush on her. Julie soon learns that Nick has taken an oath never to fall in love with an earthly woman. Despite Nick's unhealthy obsession with her, Julie finds herself falling for him. When Julie's mother is killed in a car wreck, Julie realizes her own life is at risk and only fate will decide whether Nick kills or protects her. Fallen is a work of fiction but it contains relevant and controversial issues facing teenagers and young adults today.

**Received a copy in exchange for an honest review**

Fallen, an interesting read. 
The story and the characters are interesting. 
The characters, Nick and Julie are interesting characters. 
At first, I was kind of not liking the characters, especially Julie because of how she 
dealt with things in life. But as the story goes, she redeemed herself.. 
Julie, a girl who is going through a teenage phase in which rebellion is common. 
She's having an issue about feeling something and with the moving, she will be 
trying to cope up and have a fresh start. 
Nick, a mysterious guy who captures the interest of Julie. 
As the two started to be friends, mysterious things happened to Julie's life. 
Things get more complicated when another mysterious guy appeared 
and is saying things that made Julie not sure who to trust. 
The way the story ended is good. 
I'm excited to see what will happen next to Julie!

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